Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Boy After My Own Heart - A Man After My Own Heart

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In the wee small hours of the morning, 20 years ago today, I lay happy and peaceful in my own home, having run the most challenging physical gauntlet of my life to that date, and in my arms I held the prize. In those moments, my heart was changed forever. Never again could I be selfish, could I be seeking my own. This was true treasure in my arms.  I knew him before he was born, how he kicked and rolled, and those martial arts are no surprise to me. I knew him then as he is now, He is the same person. That little happy baby that I could pass around at parties, has never really changed..except….he pulled a fast one and grew up!   Something told me the day that boy was born that each day was just a little bit closer to the day he would say goodbye and strike out on his own. Younger than most, he is independence minded and I suffer with the pride I have in him.  There is no end to our memories, no end to our appreciations.  There is no greater pleasure I have than watching him grow from a distance, always being ready to still be Mom.  He made me smile so much this week. I carry what he says around in my brain and pull it out when I need a reminder and a laugh.  It is an honor to be his mother.  No one is prouder. No one more thankful.
Happy Birthday!!

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